Acrylates are esters of acrylic acid formed by the reaction of acrylic acid with alcohols. These acrylic esters produced by polymerization of combination with different acrylic monomers to produce the materials with enhanced characteristics for coating applications. The acrylate-based polymers have been prepared by varying the nature and ratios of the monomers. Moreover, the properties of the polymeric materials have been further improved by compositing with the nano-fillers i.e. carbon nanotubes. Further, the materials have been coated on different surfaces to evaluate the coating characteristics by standard analytical procedures. composition and morphology of the materials characterized by different spectroscopic techniques.Polyacrylate based polymers has been synthesized by step growth polymerization using different types of monomers moieties (5 different types of acrylic monomer along with one functional monomer and an aromatic monomers) to enhance coating properties and to enhance dispersion of Carbon-nanotubes. Characterization was done by FTIR (Fourier Transform Infra-Red) and UV-Vis spectroscopy. Study of polymeric coating has done on different surfaces by different techniques like Barcol Hardness, Gloss Test, Salt Spray Test, Cross Hatch Test and Mandrel Dent Measurement as given in standard ASTM methods. The results reveled better adhesion, crack resistance, abrasion resistance the graphical abstract is given below as Fig-1.

Sajjad Hassan, Mirza Nadeem Ahmad, Phool Shahzadi and Muhammad Naeem Khan, Muhammad Naveed Anjum and Muhammad JawwadSaif