The waste inner rubber tube represents a source of energy and valuable hydrocarbons were catalytically pyrolysed in a batch reactor under atmospheric pressure. For this catalytic pyrolysis two economical base catalysts like Al2O3 and CaCO3 were used. The effects of these twocatalysts were determined in term of the yield of the derived gas, liquid oil, and solid char products. The liquid obtained from catalytic pyrolysis of waste inner rubber tube termed as parent oil was also refluxed with their respective catalyst for 2 hours. For the comparison both of the oil that is parent and refluxed oil were also characterized by physical and chemical tests. In case of using Al2O3 as a catalyst, the oil product containing higher concentration of polar hydrocarbons. As far as the distillation data and fuel tests are concerned, the oil fractions with both the catalysts fulfill thepresent specifications of diesel fuel commercial products.