Carbonate pillared hydrotalcite-like compounds (NixMg3-xAl-LDHs and CoxMg3-xAl-LDHs) with different molar ratios were synthesized through co-precipitation, the samples were characterized by XRD, FTIR and Inverse gas chromatography (IGC) techniques. The surface properties were compared and verified by computer simulation. The results indicated that with the increasing of Ni2+ in NixMg3-xAl-LDHs, the surface adsorption free energy and the dispersive component of the surface energy decreased, while the stability increased gradually, which was contrary to the Co2+ in CoxMg3-xAl–LDHs. Besides, the surface free energy of Ni-Mg-Al hydrotalcites was smaller than Co-Mg-Al hydrotalicites when they were in the same molar ratio, and the stability of the former was stronger than the latter.

Zhiyin Sun, Guanghua Xia, Wenyuan Tang and Wenchu Wang