A major parameter for diabetic relevant diseases and hyperglycemia is the β-cell apoptosis. Anti diabetic drugs used widely these days chiefly target to lower hyperglycemia along with prevention of β-cells from apoptosis. In this study three natural products methyl gallate, syringic acid, and butanedioic acid from Myricaria germanica were analyzed for β-cell protection. Methyl gallate provided significant β-cell protection from H2O2-induced oxidative stress mediated apoptosis in MIN6 cells at 50 μM (95.5% ± 16.0 vs 57.6% ± 1.1) and at 100 μM (85.5% ± 7.0 vs 57.6% ± 1.1) concentrations.

Tasneef Azam, Fouzia Noreen, Bina S. Siddiqui, Rahman M. Hafizur, Sabira Begum