Ground   water samples  from existing   wells  in  different agricultural farms  of Malir Valley Karachi (Pakistan) were   collected and analyzed   for  chemical constituents viz.  Na,  K,  Ca,  Mg,   CO3,  HCO3, C1 and  SO4 along   with -their physical properties.  The values  of total  dissolved  salts  (TDSL    odium adsorption   ratio (SAR),   resident   sodium  carbonate  (RSC)   and  exchangeable sodium percentage (ESP)   of the samples  were then calculated  to investigate their   Irrigation chemistry.  Inspire of high values of TDS, 70,90   and  100% samples  were found  to be   safe with respect to their SAR, ESP & RSC values respectively.     Sodium percent (Na%) of 30%   samples  was found  to be good where 50%  were in permissible range from irrigation point of  view.  The overall results show that the underground   water of Malir Valley   can suitably be med  for irrigation purpose.