The porous nature of Fluka Chromatograpic alumina gel 5016 A, has been investigated by adsorption/condensation process and electron microscopy. The gel is very porous having 63% porosity. Its free water content at 150oC was found to be 2.28% and bound water content at 1000oC was 3.66%. The total pore volume as determined by fluid displacement method is 0.497 cm3 g-1. Its specific surface area as determined by water vapour adsorption is 236 m2 g-1. The greater portion of the surface area and pore volume occurs in small and transitional pores, with average pore radii (hydraulic) of 21Ao. Heat treatment does not harm the physical structure of the system if the temperature is below 800oC. The surface area and pore volume are lower in comparision with the silica gel (383 m2g-1 and 0.62 cm3g-1) investigated earlier.