Bentonite from Nkaliki was modified by acid activation using different concentrations of sulphuric acid. The physicochemical properties of the raw and modified samples were analyzed. The sorption performance of the modified and raw bentonite was studied in the removal of chromium (VI) ion from aqueous solution. Effect of key process parameters on the adsorption process was studied. Results of the physicochemical analyses showed that the acid activation altered the structural arrangements of the bentonite. The surface area and adsorption capacity increased from 37.6m2/g to 74m2/g and 45 to 98%, respectively, after activating with 6mol/l of H2SO4. The chromium (VI) ion adsorption increased with increase in process parameters studied. The kinetics analysis of the adsorption data follows the pseudo second-order kinetics, while equilibrium analysis conformed to the Langmuir isotherm. The thermodynamic parameters revealed that adsorption process is spontaneous and endothermic. This study shows that modified Nkaliki bentonite could be used for wastewater treatment.

Regina Obiageli Ajemba, Victor Ifeanyi Ugonabo and Vincent Nwoye Okafor