Polycrystalline bimetallic Ag/Ru system was prepared by co-impregnation method supported on high surface area alumina support The system which forms a complicated bimetallic supported alloy was studied ruing UHV techniques SSIMS and XPS. On the basis of experimental evidence, the presence of Ru, Ag and Ru Ag bimetallics were found with Ag occurring on the surface of Ru masking the emission of Ru. The electronic interaction between Ag and Ru shifts the Ru electron binding energy towards lower side. The nature of support have an affect on the Ru electron binding energy and the presence of impurities on the system distort the peak shape of the main metal, Addition of As increases the surface area of the system The data has been discussed in terms of modification of the surface geometry by the addition of Ag which forms bimetallic alloy of different shape and structure.