In this study, a two-dimensional transition metal carbon/nitride (MXenes) method was used to enhance the electrocatalytic oxidation behavior of PbO2 electrode. A novel composite electrode was prepared by doping the modified MXenes into PbO2 material. The electrochemical performance was tested by electrochemical workstation. The typical cationic red X-GRL was treated by electrochemical oxidation, and the electrochemical oxidation performance of the material electrode was investigated. The results demostrated that the dyes were removed by the oxygen evolution reaction at the electrodes doped with modified MXenes by passing current. The charge transfer resistance is 12.56. The electrodes have remained stable after 20 cycles of charging and discharging. And the removal rate of cationic red X-GRL was as high as 95.19% in 120 min. A high-efficiency composite electrode was developed in this study, which increased the electrode's performance as well as wastewater degradation efficiency, and lay the groundwork for future research into doping MXenes to improve the performance of other materials. Hence, electrode materials doped with two-dimensional structured MXenes were candidates for the removal of contaminants, especially in the field of electrochemical catalysis

Xinyu Zhang, Jiajun Li, Ming Guo, Kaijie Ni, Ronghui Wu and Zhiyan Hu