Dyes are one of the major categories of environmental pollutants. Unfortunately disposal of these hazardous chemical pollutants is usually done by throwing them in any nearby water channels. Physical adsorption is an efficient and cost effective technique to eliminate dyes from waste water. In present study Feldspar is used as adsorbent for the removal of Direct red 16 (textile dye). Different parameters like speed of shaking, adsorbent dosage, time of contact of two phases, pH and analyte concentration were optimized to get maximum adsorption capacity i.e. FTIR analysis of adsorbent was done to study the functional groups present on surface of adsorbent. Adsorption isotherms Langmuir and Fruendlich were investigated to evaluate the values of Q and K which were 5.30 mgg-1 and 1.25 mgg-1 respectively. Values of thermodynamic parameters ΔH (change in enthalpy), ΔS (change in entropy) and ΔG (change in Gibbs energy) were calculated. The results of adsorption indicate that physisorption is much favorable for adsorption of Direct Red 16 on feldspar. So, Feldspar was proven a good adsorbent and found to have good potential for removal of Direct Red 16 from waste water.

Nadia Jamil, Saba Maqsood Khan, Naveed Ahsan, Jamil Anwar, Abdul Qadir, Mariyam Zameer and Umer Shafique