Cellulose in the fibrous structure, which is the main structural component in the cell wall of plants, was formed by the combination of three thousand or more glucose molecules and was a natural polymer synthesized by many living microorganisms. In this study, it was aimed to observe the performance of carrot pulp physically added to water-based coating to increase the viscosity of the coatings. In addition, volcanic lava stone (red pumice stone) and perlite stone were added to the coating to improve its properties that heat transfer, adhesion, hydrophobicity, corrosion resistance. The effect of cellulose-based material on the viscosity of the coating was determined using the Design Expert Optimization Method. In this experimental design method, the experimental set was created to be “carrot pulp, volcanic lava stone, and perlite stone” and additives was added as 0-6% by weight of the coating. By using this method, the most suitable process parameters were determined, and the effects of the additives added to the coating were examined, comparatively. As a result, it was found that cellulose derived organic additives and other additives improved the various properties of coating and could be evaluated for industrial coatings.

Bilge Çelik and Nil Acaralı