Hybrid nanomaterials with different sizes, shapes, compositions, and morphology have gained importance for numerous physicochemical, electrical and magnetic acumens. Multi-Walled Carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) can be decorated with various metals to produce nanohybrids to attain desired features for leading high-tech applications. The presented research work comprises a cost- effective wet chemical method to fabricate Hematite based (α-Fe2O3- MWCNTs) nanohybrids. Physicochemical characteristics were studied by XRD, FTIR, SEM and VSM, and EDX, respectively. Results showed well-decorated hematite nanocrystals (size ~ 26nm) on the surface of MWCNTs. Magnetic behaviors exhibited a ferromagnetic material with saturation and remnant magnetization and coercivity of ~ 1.2 emu/g, 0.5 emu/g and 200 Oersted respectively, which makes it a suitable contender in advanced energy storage devices.

Sajid Hussain, S. F. Hasany and Syed Usman Ali