BaTi0.97Zn0.01V0.01Ta0.01O3¬ sample was prepared using the conventional mixed oxide sintering route. The samples were characterized using X-ray diffraction, Raman spectroscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy and Impedance spectroscopy. Structure of the sample was analyzed using Rietveld analysis which showed the formation of tetragonal symmetry. Raman spectroscopy was also in agreement with the XRD results, further indicating the ferroelectric signature in the sample. Electrical microstructure analyzed by impedance spectroscopy analysis revealed two electroactive regions in the sample, belonging to the grain boundary and bulk. An extrinsic conduction mechanism was observed across the sample. Dielectric properties as a function of temperature demonstrated phase transition (TC) at ~ 94 °C, with relative permittivity ~ 3280 at TC. Antiferroelectric-like double hysteresis loops were observed in P-E analysis. The energy storage density was calculated to be 0.26 J/cm3 at an electric field of 50 kV/cm, indicating that BaTi0.97Zn0.01V0.01Ta0.01O3¬ ceramics can be potentially useful base materials for high density energy storage capacitors.

Raz Muhammad, Sajid Ali, Yaseen Iqbal, Amir Khesro and Muhammad Uzair