Menthol is one of the key components of mint oil and it is a chemical component that is widely used in many sectors such as cosmetics, medicine, and food. Menthol can be made by synthesis or by various extraction and distillation methods. In this study, first, mint oil was obtained by microwave extraction and hydrodistillation from the mint that is an agricultural and industrial product cultivated in a wide geography in Turkey. Later, qualitative and quantitative analysis of this oil was executed and the differences in the chemical contents of the oils manufactured by different methods and the amount of menthol contained were compared. Lastly purification of the menthol from the oils was done. The dissimilarities in the chemical contents of the oils were compared with GC-MS analysis. The amount of menthol % obtained as a result of the studies was found as 31.65 by titration method and 29.58 by gradual crystallization. The melting point range of menthol separated from mint oil by gradual crystallization was found as 42.4 - 43.1oC as stated in the literature.

Cenk Subutay, Özge Karavil, İ. Metin Hasdemir, Belma Hasdemir and Dilek Özmen