Reaction parameters for the production of aluminum sulphate (aluminoferric grade) from Khushab bauxite without precalcination of the ore, were studied using a lead-lined reaction vessel. Commercial sulphuric acid was used for the dissolution of alumina (Al2O3) present in the ore. Acid concentrations ranged from 30-65 wt.% H2SO4 and the acid quantity was of me stoichiometric requirement of bauxite. The reaction temperature was adjusted at 120 degrees C for a time period of 0.5-6.5 hrs. whereas the particle size of the ore was -120 mesh. It has been found that 70% conversion of Al2O3 with 97% purity can be achieved after 5 hrs. reaction time at acid concentration of 60 wt.% H2SO4. This conversion is associated with icon and free acid as impurities, while the free acid can be neutralized by adding bauxite in excess.