The system of 4-tert-butyl-2-(α-methyl benzyl) phenol (t-BAMBP) and sulphonated kerosene (SK) solution was used to extract rubidium from Salt Lake Brine which has been removed the Mg2+ by precipitatation method. Several experimental parameters such as the concentration of t-BAMBP, hydroxide ion and stripping acid, the volume ratio of organic phase to aqueous extraction phase (O/A) and extraction stage were investigated. The obtained results showed that extraction efficiency of Rb+can reach 96% after five -stage, and the stripping efficiency of Rb+ can reach 99% after two-stage. And the extraction equilibrium constant K is calculated to be 25.85, enthalpy change is -20.79 kJ mol-1 and the separation factor of five-stage extraction is 71.77. The system of t-BAMBP and SK could be fully regenerated by water and showed no significant decrease after ten extraction-stripping cycles, indicating that the extractant was stable and reusable. The presence of co-existing ions do not interfere with rubidium extraction, indicating the high selectivity of t-BAMBP and SK for rubidium ion. The method provides an idea for exploitation and utilization rubidium and has the important economically significant for industrialization extraction rubidium.

Amin Bao and Qian zhiqiang