Monoazo reactive dyes have been synthesized and subjected to degradation before their application. Advanced oxidation process has been recognized as a promising radiation technology for the remediation of hazardous organic compounds. Radiation induced degradation of two mono azo reactive dyes have been tried at different absorbed dose, 5 kGy,10 kGy and 15 kGy. Aqueous solutions of these dyes were treated with gamma radiation using Cs 137 radiation source at Nuclear Institute of Agriculture and Biology (NIAB) Faisalabad. Dyes were evaluated spectrophotometrically by UV-visible and fourier transform infra red (FT-IR) spectroscopic techniques before and after irradiation to analyse their percentage decolorization and degradation. Maximum percentage decolorization of 93% and 63% was achieved for mono azo dyes D1 and D2 at 15 kGy absorbed dose. Toxicity study of these dyes was also tested by haemolytic activity assay. Percentage haemolytic activity of untreated dyes was found within permissible limit showing non toxicity of dye solutions.

Qurat-Ul-Ain Saeed, Ijaz Ahmad Bhatti and Aisha Ashraf