The current study is devoted to suggest new simple spectrophotometric probes for the estimation and quantification of cefditoren pivoxil (CFP) either in authentic or in commercial samples. Three simple kinetic and derivatize sensitive spectrophotometric methods were established. Two kinetic techniques (method A) and (method B) were based on the estimation of CFP using the oxidation properties of alkaline potassium permanganate at ambient temperature and the relation between the reduction in the absorbance of KMnO4 and the added CFP were also investigated. The intensity of absorbance (A) of the colored MnO4- ions were recorded at wavelengths 610 and 525 NM for the two methods, respectively. Method C was based on derivatization of CFP with 1,2-naphthoquinone-4-sulphonate reagent in a basic solution (pH=11) to produce an orange red colored solution exhibited the highest absorption peak (λmax) at 411 nm. The proposed systems displayed linearity over the concentration ranges of 1.0-16.0, 1.0-10.0 and 0.5-7.0 µg mL-1.The suggested systems were validated obeying analytical methodology guidelines and the acceptance criteria for accuracy, precision, linearity, selectivity, and robustness were met in all cases.

Salma Ali Al-Tamimi, Norah Sultan Abdulaziz Al-Motlaq and Fatma Ahmed Aly