Coal samples were collected from the four major coal fields i.e. sore Range, Sharigh, Degari and Makerwal Proximate and Ultimate analysis were performed by standard chemical methods. Specific surface area was determined by absorbing methylene blue dye, iodine and water vapors. Methylene blue adsorption was studied by spectrophotometric techniques. Iodine adsorption was estimated by standard volumetric methods and water vapors adsorption by standard gravimetric procedure. Most of the adsorption isotherms obtained from dye (at room temperature) belong to type L of Gilies classification for solution which indicates mesoporous and macro porous nature of these coals. The reasonable long platcau shows saturation of the monolayer the specific surface area from the dye adsorption ranges from 264 m2 g-1 to587 m2 -1. Iodine (from water) gives 111-203 m 2 g -1 and from carbon tetra chloride solution gives 130-211 m2 g -1. Total pore volume (10.46-11.58 cc g-1) and % porosities (86-95 m2 g-1 ) are reported. High ash content (3.75 – 8.19%) and the presence of sulphur (1.54-2.97%) and chlorine (0.05-0.13%) place these coals in the lower class.