The synthesis of solid solutions lead hydroxyapatite, Pb10(PO4)6*y(OH)2, were successfully synthesized by solid-state reaction (ceramic method) (y= 0.95; 0.96; 0.97; 0.98; 0.99 and 1.00) and precipitation (semi ceramic method) (y= 0.97; 0.98; 0.99 and 1.00) methods at 800 ºC for 50 hours. The X-ray powder diffraction (DRON-3m diffractometer), electron microscopy scanning (SEM) and energy dispersive X-ray micro-analysis which characterized all samples. It has been established that Pb10(PO4)5.82(OH)2 and Pb10(PO4)5.88(OH)2 are the best synthesis for lead hydroxyapatite in the solid-state reaction method, and Pb10(PO4)5.88(OH)2 is the precipitation method.

Mohammed A.B. Abdul jabar and Ignatov A.V