Iron plays a pivotal role in human physiology, while its deficiency may prove fatal in severe cases. Analytical methods for the quantitative determination of iron are thus very important. Herein, we report the estimation of iron in iron Polysaccharide complex (IPSC) using raw material and formulations, through a spectrophotometric analytical method. IPSC capsules were formulated and their stability was studied by developing a simple and validated analytical method. The process is based on the acid hydrolysis of IPSC and the development of chromogen by reacting ammonium thiocyanate with IPSC, maximum absorption at 474 nm was observed. Beer's Lambert law (linearity response) was found in the range of 10-20 μg/ml with excellent correlation coefficient of determination (R = 0.998). The quantification and detection limits were established to be 0.45 mcg/ml and 0.14 mcg/ml correspondingly. The recovery of IPSC analysis was 99.25 to 102.28 %. Percentage assay of IPSC capsules showed results around 102.34 %. The formulated IPSC capsule was stable under accelerated conditions for 6 months (% assay > 91.69). The dissolution profile over 60 minutes showed a better dissolution (94%) compared with the internationally marketed IPSC capsule (92%).

Salman Zafar, Farrukh Sier, Samiullah, Gohar Ayub and Rahat Ullah