In this study, a simple and low-cost method for extraction and pre-concentration of brilliant blue FCF and sunset yellow FCF in food samples using cloud point extraction (CPE) and spectrophotometric detection was developed. The effects of main factors such as solution pH, surfactant concentration, salt and its concentration, incubation time and temperature on the CPE of both dyes were investigated and optimized. Linear range of calibration graphs were obtained in the range of 16.0–1300 ng mL−1 for brilliant blue FCF and 25.0–1300 ng mL−1 for sunset yellow FCFunder the optimum conditions. Limit of detection values for brilliant blue FCF and sunset yellow FCFwere 3 and 6 ng mL−1, respectively. The relative standard deviation (RSD) values of both dyes for repeated measurements (n=6) were less than 4.57 %. The obtained results were demonstrated the proposed method can be applied satisfactory to determine these dyes in different food samples.

Rouhollah Heydari, Mohammad Hosseini, Mohammad Alimoradi and Sanaz Zarabi