Epilepsies are a heterogeneous group of disorders expressed in terms of propensity to experience spontaneous recurrent seizures attack. Verapamil, a synthetic amide derivative containing papaverine, is a calcium channel blocker that significantly reduces the frequency of seizures. Based on this, the current work was planned to concentrate on the synthesis of more recent papaverine derivatives that contain amides. Z1 and Z2 were created using synthesis. Following synthesis, docking analysis was performed, and bond energies were computed to determine their binding affinities against the TNF- α protein in particular because it upregulates neuroexcitation, enables excessive calcium absorption, and ultimately results in neurotoxicity. Later, compounds were examined for their antioxidant and antiepileptic properties. Elisa and H&E staining were also carried out, and the results demonstrated that treatment with papaverine derivatives reduced the biochemical and immunohistochemical changes brought on by pentylenetetrazol that were related to TNF- α.

Zeenia Tariq, G.A. Miana, Madiha Kanwal, Muhammad Fahim and Sumra Malik