Levels of trace metals in edible mussels of five fish samples Pampus Argenteus. Pampus chinensis. Parastromateus niger, Protonibea diacanthus, and Otolithes ruber. of northwest costal area of Karachi were studied by AAS technique. All estimation were made on wet basis. Iron was found maximum(0.890-9.395Ilg/g) amont all species and cadmium was found as minimum (0.015-0.041 Ilg/g). Levels of other metals varied in the range of 0.249­0.986,0.137-0.49,0.29-0.929,0.391-0.986 and 0.081-0.243 Ilg/g for As, Co, Cu, Mn & Pb respectively in the muscles of various fishes investigated. Maximum concentrations of all metals were found in Protonibea diacanthus except Cd, which was found maximum in Parastromateus niger, and pampus argenteus was found lo contain the minimum amount of all metals. Various fish contain different concentration of all metals.