A simple, reliable and accurate fingerprinting method has been developed for quality control of YiGongNingXue oral liquid. The separation was done by reverse phase chromatography using Zorbax eclipse XDB C18 column (250mm×4.6mm i.d. with 5.0μm particle size) and detection at 246nm. Methanol (5-95 % in 70 min)-buffer solution (water-phosphoric acid, pH 3.0, 95-0 % in 70 min) as mobile phase for linear gradient elution. The flow rate was 1.0 mL·min-1 and the column temperature was at 25?. The similarity of 20 batches of YGNX oral liquid was more than 90 %. Also 15 common peaks of chromatogram have been detected,ten of them were identified by comparing fingerprint chromatogram with reference substances. The HPLC fingerprint can be used to control the quality of YiGongNingXue oral liquid.