Household kitchen waste quantity is increasing rapidly because of the population explosion. Agricultural growth and intensive animal farming are generating a large quantity of bio waste. Disposing of this huge amount of waste is a serious environmental issue of the world. This waste can be used as an alternative source for the generation of green fuel by converting it to biogas. Though, a lot of work has been done on biogas production from conventional feedstock. However, it is highly desired to improve and optimize the process with kitchen waste used as feedstock. In this paper, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and high-quality biogas is produced by anaerobic digestion of kitchen waste mixture with inoculum. Inoculum is used as a source of microbial population. It is prepared by mixing of cow dung and water with a weight ratio of 1:5. The effect of temperature, pH, and the weight ratio of inoculum/kitchen waste on the production of biogas has been studied. The results indicated that the optimum pH value is 7.5 and for the maximum production of biogas temperature should be 37 ˚C. The optimum weight ratio of inoculum/kitchen waste is 60/40. The quality of biogas is improved by the absorption of CO2 from it with the aid of absorber contains 2 M solution of NaOH. The gas was burnt smoothly with a blue flame. This indicates the high content of CH4 in biogas. It is a green heating and cooking fuel and can be used for transport and power generation.

Muhammad Sohail Bashir, Aqsa Safdar, Shoaib Zaheer, Abdul Rehman Farooqi, Muhammad Jamil