In the present study, the reaction process of H2S removal by calcined phosphate ore slurry was investigated by XRD and kinetics analysis. It was found that the absorption amount of H2S was 69.47 mg in 200 min, and 70.09% of the absorption caused by calcium oxide, indicating that the reaction was mainly the action of calcium oxide. Furthermore, it is showed that Fe2O3 played an important role in the removal process. Fe(III) can be dissolved form the phosphate ore, and became an efficiently catalytic oxidant. H2S can be catalytically oxidized by Fe(III)/Fe(II) system. It was indicated that about 30% removal of H2S was caused by Fe(III). By the model analysis, the leaching reaction was belonged to the diffusion chemical reaction mixing control model. And the activation energy of the reaction was 17.224 kJ/mol obtained from the Arrhenius equation, which further proved that the reaction belonged to the mixed control model.

Dongdong Zhang, Chenghao Sha, Tianyan Feng, Bo Tan, Ping Ning