Wheat is one of the most important foodstuffs. It is available in world market in different names and brands with varied quality characteristics. Different techniques are used for evaluation ót quality of wheat sample; however most of these methods used in developing world like Pakistan are costly and difficult. In this study different wheat varieties were evaluated for quality characteristics in term of protein, fats and fiber, which are available as foodstuff in different ecological regions of Pakistan. These varieties are Tatara, Watan, Gandam-7 11, Bakhtawar-92, Fakhre-Sarhad, Bhakkar-O1, Ghaznawy, Saleem-2000, Gandanie2002, ChLidry47, Inqilab—91 and Wafaq-O1. The samples were evaluated for presence of total protein, fat and fiber contents by Near Infrared Spectrophotometer. Results were analyzed statistically for variance in quality parameters. Results suggest that NIR Spectroscopic tool for evaluation of quality of wheat is extremely simple and accurate and give best results for nutritional evaluation of wheat varieties.