The porous cobaltosic oxide (Co3O4) arrays has been prepared by a chemical co-precipitation route using the nickel foam as s substrate. Cyclic voltammetry (CV), and ampere current method (i-t curve) are used to explore the non-enzymatic glucose sensor in a three-electrode system. This porous Co3O4 array non-enzymatic sensor shows a sensitivity of 592.8 mA mM1 cm2 in concentration from 0.99 M to 1.073 mM. The porous Co3O4 array sensor electrode also showed low LOD value (0.005 M) and fast response time (4 s). This porous Co3O4 electrode shows a good sensor performance due to these rich redox reaction sites in the unique porous structure. This porous cobaltosic oxide arrays maybe a potential sensor material in the glucose detection application

Jie Zhang, Ri Xia, Xianchun Li and Jiasheng Xu