In vitro dissolution of sofosbuvir 400 mg tablets dosage form was performed, using USP dissolution apparatus type-II (paddle type), at 75rpm ± 4 %, and 900mL ± 1%, 0.05 M phosphate buffer pH 6.8 ± 0.05 equilibrated at 37.0 ± 0.5ºC as dissolution medium. Percentage of dissolved sofosbuvir as a function of time was determined using the straight line equation and linear regression using zero order and first order ANOVA based kinetics model. Comparative dissolution studies on two different generic brands A and B was performed comparing the drug release profile with innovator brand Sovaldi 400 mg tablets. The comparison of dissolution profiles was evaluated using model independent approach. The values of similarity factor f2 were (4 and 3) and the difference factor f1 were (64 and 50) for both generic products A and B respectively. A simple and precise spectrophotometric method was developed for estimation of sofosbuvir in dissolution medium based on spectrophotometric detection at wavelength 262 nm. The specific absorbance (A = 1%) of sofosbuvir was 178.5 ± 4% and Beer’s law was obeyed in the concentration ranges 4µg mL−1 to 48µg mL−1. The method was validated appropriately for accuracy, precision, linearity, and specificity, according the guidelines of United State Pharmacopoeia and International Conference on Harmonization. The calibration curve was linear with correlation coefficient (r > 0.9999) and there was no spectral interference from excipients present in the tablets dosage form. This method is precise, rapid and specific for determination of sofosbuvir in tablets dosage form and successfully applied for assay determination and in vitro dissolution studies.

Bakht Zaman, Waseem Hassan, Asghar Khan and Hamsa Noreen