Friedel-Crafts cycloalkylation of biphenyl with 2,3-dichlorobutyltrichlorosilane (ChSi-CH2CHCICHCICH3) at a temperature of loo·C in the presence of anhydrous aluminum chloride catalyst gave cyclized product, 9-methyl-9-(2-trichlorosilylethyl)fluorene 1 a, in 33% yield. Methylation of la with nucleophilic reagent such as methyl magnesium chloride, gave 9­Methyl-9-(2-trimethylsilylethyl)fluorene 2 while bromination of 2 with excess amount of bromine in DMF resulted in 2,7-dibromo-9-methyl-9-(2-trimethylsilylethyl)fluorene 3 in good yield. All the compounds were structurally identified by GCIMS, 'H and 13C-NMR spectroscopy.