The radiation induced color degradation of 4-(p-nitrophenyl-azo)-1-naphthol dye solution was studied in N,N- dimethylfomamide. The solutions were readout using absorption spectrophotometry technique at λmax 625 nm and 472 nm, respectively. The dose range was affected by dye concentration, where the useful dose range was found to be 0.5- 3.5kGy, depending on dye concentration .Magnesium chloride was then added in different concentrations, and the dose range was found to decrease to be 900Gy.The decoloration percent was calculated and found to increase proportionally with the absorbed dose. The radiation chemical yield ''G (-Dye)'' was calculated for both azo dye alone and in combination with MgCl2 solutions. In brief, Azo dye solutions in DMF exhibit good stability during the storage time period, while Azo dye with magnesium chloride solutions shows decoloration process over the storage time period of 21 days.

Sayeda Elewa Eid