Efluents samples from 6 industries of HIE (an industrial area of Haripur) and two nullahs were collected and analyzed for physio-chemical characteristic. The research result show that temperature of the sample was 23-43 °C, pl-1 fiom 3.3 — 13.6, total solid from 660-110668 mg/ 1, total suspended solid from 114- 6590 mg! I, total dissolved solid from 546-76892 mg! 1, total hardness from 14-268 mg} I, total alkalinity from 70·3550_mg/ I, dissolved oxygen from 0-408 mg! l, chemical oxygen demand from 0-644 mg! I, chloride from 7.1-1952 mg/ l, sulphates from 103-1827 mg! l and oil and grease from 1.004-3.949 mg! I. Comparison of these value with the standard show that effluents show deviation from the standard and thus beside effecting the human life, also eifect the fertile land and aquatic life.