Poly(styrene) was synthesized by suspension polymerization of styrene. Molar mass of poly(styrene) was determined by viscosity method. Sulfonated poly(styrene) was synthesized by direct sulfonation of poly(styrene) at 40C. These products were identified by using IR spectroscopic technique. Cation exchange properties of sulfonated poly(styrene) have been determined for some metal ions such as Ni2+, Zn2+, Cu2+ and Ca2+. The distribution co-efficient and apparent adsorption capacities show that selectivity order of the metals as follow: Ni2+ > Zn2+ > Cu2+ > Ca2+. It was found that by increasing the pH of solution, the distribution Co-effecients (Kd) value also increased.

Muqaddas Saleem, Farah Kanwal, Muhammad Imran and Liviu Mitu