In this research work Semicarbazide, thiosemicarbazide derivatives 3 to 25 were synthesized by conventional methods with high percentage yield and reaction rate. 1H-NMR and EIMS spectroscopic techniques were used to elucidate the structure of the synthesized compounds. The effect of thiosemicarbazide and semicarbazide derivatives as an antioxidant agents were studied by DPPH free radical scavenging, ferric ion reducing, ferrous ion chelating assays. Higher DDPH radical scavenging activity exhibited by most of the compounds as compared to standard vitamin C. Excellent ferric ion reducing activity was indicated by compounds of theseriesas compared to standard vitamin C. However most of the compounds generally showed average ferrous ion chelating activity than standard EDTA.

Abdul Manaf, Momin Khan, Khair Zaman, Mahboob Ali, Faima Alam, Khalid Mohammed Khan and Basharat Ali