Wastewater samples of ten selected industries of Hayatabad industrials estate Peshawar were analyzed for both physical and chemical parameters. The findings of the research are, temperature at the spot: 20.0-42.0oC; pH; 6.90-9.65oC electrical conductivity 0.20-3.13mS; total solids; 0.014-8.96 mg/dm3 total hardness 210-800 mg/dm3 total alkalinity 160-1402 mg/dm3 chloride 72-580 mg/dm3 sulphite 2.83-43.92 mg/dm3 nitrite 0.75-11.60 mg/dm3 fluoride 0.0-16.00 mg/dm3 phosphate 3.40-24. mg/dm3 nickel 0.01-0.4 mg/dm3 sodium 20-70 mg/dm3. the results were compared with the standard permissible levels for industrials wastewater effluents. Some of the parameters were found to have values beyond those of the permissible levels.