Titanium dioxide is also called titania and occurs in nature in anatase and rutile forms. It is widely used as a white pigment, catalyst support, and photocatalyst. Nano-TiO2 pigments in pure crystallographic anatase phases have been successfully synthesized via sol-gel method. Nano-TiO2 material has been characterized by various techniques such as XRD, TEM, and XPS. The prepared nano-TiO2 was mixed with two different offset inks (falcon and jobbing) to upgrade the physical and optical properties of the offset inks and compared with Degussa TiO2 before and after the application was tracking and measured. Generally, requiring a small amount of modification is better to avoid any ink malfunction, nano ink requires 0.1 % is because of the photoactive anatase structure of TiO2, while Degussa requires 1 % because it has a 15% rutile structure, which considered a photoinactive phase structure of TiO2.

Sayeda S. Ali, Mohammad Hegazy, Yasser K. Abdel-Monem and Ahmed S. Abou- Elyazed