Conducting polymers have received considerable attention in the fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology. These materials exhibit enhanced properties in a variety of applications, such as chemical sensors, microreactors/ containers and fuel cells. Micro/ nano­materials of conducting polymers also include micro-containers, nanowires, nanotubes, nanobelts, core corona, hollow spheres, and nanntibers. Polyaniline (PAN I) is an air-stable conducting polymer and has attracted increased attention for several reasons; monomer is inexpensive, polymerization reaction is simple, and processing is easy. In this study polyaniline was synthesized by the chemical method in acidic medium using H,O" K,S,03 and K,Cr,07 as oxidizing agents. The reaction was studied at three different temperatures and it was found that maximum yield of aniline was obtained at lower reaction temperature. The polymer was characterized by FTIR, UV-Visible absorption spectroscopy, and conductivity (four probe method). The conductivity measurements revealed that PANI prepared in the presence of K,Cr,07 is a better conducting material among other samples.