For a commercially available radiochromic film (FWT63-02), response functions were determined at the wavelength of maximum absorbance (600 nm) and at several other wavelengths, such as 550, 625, 640 and 650 nm At 600 nm the dosimeter was found to have a linear response up to 5 kGy. At longer wavelengths (625, 640 and 650 nm), the film can be useful even up to 25 kGy. Post-irradiation stability at different storage temperatures (-10. 7, 25, 40 and 60 degreesC) for dosimeters irradiated to 2 or 4 kGy was also determined. The response at lower temperature (-10, 7 degreesC) was stable up to 35 days. At 40 and 60 degreesC the dosimeter, apart from some initial increase in the response for the first 24 hours showed nearly stable response up to 40 days. Possible use of these radiochromic film dosimeters for quality assurance in radiation processing using gamma rays has been discussed.