During this present study, we tested the adsorption performance of heavy metal ions; bivalent lead (Pb (II)) and the anionic dye (methyl orange (MO)) from model aqueous solutions with the ion exchange resin of the Amberlite®IRC-50 type. This performance was evaluated using inductively coupled plasma (ICP) and atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS). The pH of the solution was adjusted to 6.5 for the bath temperature, the initial mass concentration of Pb (II) and MO was adopted at 20 mg/L, the mass of the resin-type adsorbent Amberlite®IRC-50 was taken at 0.1g and the adsorption capacity Qe was studied. The results obtained during this study show that the kinetic study of the adsorption was obtained at the contact time t = 30 min for the metal Pb (II) and at t = 60 min for the dye MO. These results also showed that the equilibrium of adsorption was reached at time t = 60 min with an adsorption performance of around 99% for Pb (II) and around 96% for MO. Note that the parameters of different mathematical models indicate that the adsorption process is spontaneous in the second degree.

Jaouad Bensalah, Mohamed Berradi, Amar Habsaoui, Omar Dagdag, El Amri Adblhay, Omar El Khattabi, Ahmed Lebkiri and El Housseine Rifi