Dissolution kinetics of low-grade bauxite rock in sulfuric acid solution is studied. Using a known acid concentration and particle size of the sample, the influence of various reaction temperatures has been found in order to expound the dissolution kinetics of low-grade bauxite rock. The results show that the dissolution rate increases with increasing concentration of the acid and temperature. A kinetic model is suggested to illustrate the dissolution process of bauxite rock analyzing the kinetic data. The dissolution curves are evaluated in order to test the validity of reaction kinetic models for liquid-solid systems. The experimental data have been analyzed by graphical and statistical methods and it is found that the dissolution of bauxite in the acid is controlled by chemical reaction, i.e.,  . The apparent activation energy of the dissolution process has been found to be 79.3297 KJmol-1 over the reaction temperature range from 348 to 378 K.