Present study is an attempt to describe geochemical and industrial potential of Yakhtangi (District Swat) sand deposits, which are exposed within a distance of several hundred meters along the metalled road. Chemical composition, grain size distribution and physical characteristics of sand samples were investigated in order to check their suitability for utilization in glass industry. Samples were subjected to physical treatment to minimize iron content. About 60 % reduction of Fe10.1 content has been achieved as a result of grading and water washing. The sand was found suitable for the manufacturing of ordinary container glass. Some simple upgradation techniques enhance its ability to be utilized for high quality container glass manufacturing. The Yakhtangi silica sand deposits occur along the metalled road at 33 km distance from Alpuri towards Shanglapar. These deposits are exposed within the area of several hundred meters at a height upto 1189 m from mean sea level and within 1.5 to 61 m from the metalled road. The deposits are easily accessible.