Herein, a novel electrochemical method was developed for the determination of Sudan II based on the electrochemical catalytic activity of graphene modified glassy carbon electrode (GME) and the enhancement effect of sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS). In a pH 6.0 phosphate buffer solution, Sudan II exhibited a pair of well-defined quasi-reversible redox peaks at the GME in the presence of 5.0×10-5 mol L–1 SDS. The oxidation peak current of Sudan II was linearly proportional to its concentration in a range from 4.0×10-8 to 4.0×10-6 mol L–1, with a linear regression equation of ipa(A) = 3.35c + 5.96 × 10-6, r = 0.9988 and a detection limit of 8.0×10-9 mol L–1. The recoveries from the standards fortified blank samples were in the range of 94.7% to 97.5% with RSD lower than 4.0%. The novel method has been successfully used to determine Sudan II in food products with satisfactory results.