In this study, the new sulphite sensitive ion-selective electrode (ISE) was prepared. The ISE was prepared from a combination of 5% perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS), 40% PVC and 55% dibutylphthalate (DBF).The sensitivity of the ISE to 1.0x10- 7-1.0x10-1 M sulphite concentration was 58 ± 4 mV. Electrode sensitivity was characterized. The response time of this electrode is short and 30 s. The lifetime of ISE was approximately 210 days when used five times a day. It was determined that it can work at any pH value. It is not sensitive to anions and cations that may be present in the determination medium. The detection limit of the electrode against the sulfide concentration was measured as 1.2x10-8 M. The amount of sulfites in dried apricots in Turkey, was measured with electrodes. Sulfite amount in dried apricot was determined as 2.328 ± 0.2417 mg / kg according to the average of 5 experiments and 95% confidence interval. The same sample was measured with DPP as 2.521 ± 0.2785.The validation of the obtained results in each case was proved by statistical “t” and “F” tests.

Sukru Kalayci