An investigation of the complex formed between molybdenum (VI) and hydrochloric acid has been carried out and its extractability by long chain high molecular weight amine (HMWA), Alamine 336 in organic solvent was examined. The chloro-complex formed is quantitatively extractable from an aqueous phase into the organic phase with tertiary amine. On the basis of this selective extractability a method has been developed for the extraction and recovery of Mo(VI). The effect of various diverse ions and certain other parameters was undertaken and discussed in order to explore the feasibility of the procedure for extracting molybdenum from various complex materials and ores.The extractability of the complex by HWMA indicates that the chloro-complex is anionic in nature. The method was applied successfully for the recovery of molybdenum from molybdenite ore. The exhausted HMWA was regenerated and used over and over again. The results obtained were encouraging