This study describes the simple and facile fabrication of silica-tagged magnetic nanostructures (Si@MNs) applied as a nanocatalyst to degrade Rhodamine-B (Rh-B) Dye from the real water samples. Fabricated material has been characterized by using different modern analytical techniques such FT-IR, SEM, XRD, ZS, ZP. According to a morphological study, the fabricated material contains a hexagonal, monoclinic shape and 68 nm in size after successful fabrication and characterization. The catalytic material has been used to degrade the Rh-B Dye. Various parameters have been optimized, such as the effect of reducing agent (NaBH4), impact of dye volume, and influence of catalyst dose to achieve the highest percentage of degradation. At optimal conditions, we get a good percentage of degradation up to 85% having good reproducibility. Fabricated catalyst has been successfully applied for actual water samples.

Abdul Rauf Shaikh, Ghulam Qadir Shar and Aamna Balouch