The performance of ACORGA-M5640 solvent extraction reagents has been experimentally demonstrated for extraction of the copper from scales of copper rolling mills scrapt. Initially laboratory scale experiments are performed to evaluate best operating condition for solvent extraction of copper for 6 g/I of copper in feed solution is 2.5 aquoes/orgqanic ratios  is 1.3, 30% of ACORGA-M5640 in 70% of diluents kerosene, mixing time is 12 min and strength of stripping solution f 2 gN H2SO4. A pilot plant having these conditions. The overall % extraction efficiency achieved in pilot plant is 99.73% and overall striping efficiency is 96.62%. The comparison between extraction ACORGA-M5100 and previously used and ACORGA-P5640 has extraction efficiency 4.73% and stripping efficiency 6.14% greater than that of ACORGA-P5100.