Alizarin Red S is an industrial dye commonly used for dyeing the fabric in textile industry. In present work the parameters to remove this dye from aqueous media by adsorption on raw as well as chemically modified chickpea husk have been investigated. Besides checking the effects of concerned parameters like time of contact, dose of adsorbent, pH, speed of agitation and temperature, for both raw and zinc modified chickpea husk were characterized for functional groups by FTIR spectroscopy. To investigate the adsorption mechanism, Langmuir, Freundlich and Temkin isotherms were plotted. Kinetic and thermodynamic studies were also performed to understand the nature of adsorption process. Chickpea husk proved itself as an effective and cheap bio-adsorbent, which is easily available in abundance at indigenous level. When treated with zinc chloride the removal efficiency of chickpea increased more than two folds.

Amara Dar, Amna Safdar and Jamil Anwar