The present research was designed to determine the geo-chemical sources and mobilization of nine trace elements in samples of plants (vegetables, fruits and fodders), from different part of Karachi. Samples collected from farms located in the basin of and around Malir River (Map. 1) were considered polluted because here the industrial and municipal effluents were used for irrigation and different wastes (poultry, industrial and municipal) used as fertilizers. Samples collected from farms situated 45-k from Karachi along highway and from Sakeran Deh in Hub Map. 1) were considered unpolluted because here water used for irrigation was obtained from wells and fertilizers used was not waste materials. The results of analysis of those samples show that Cd, Cr, Hg, Ni and Pb pollution is most common in plants. All other elements are well within the permissible limits. Presence the trace metals focus the extant of pollution in farms of Malir areas.