The hydrolysis of alkyl formates in neutral medium has been studied in the temperature range 293-343K. The reaction was autocatalytic. There was an increase in the rate of reaction with increasing hydrogen ion produced in the bulk of the solution. The rate constants, k1(L mol-l S-1) proposed by A Kirrman for acid-catalyzed reactions in neutral medium have been evaluated by the method of sum of trapezoids and were compared with the values obtained by other workers in purely acidic media. The values obtained in the present investigation were in fairly good agreement with those reported in literature. The rate of hydrolysis increased in the order methyl formate < ethyl formate while the k. values estimated for isopropyl ester were approximately the same as that for ethyl formate. The A.J mechanism was operative in neutral hydrolysis of esters.The Arrhenius equation was applied to express the effect of temperature on the specific rates. The experimental observations concluded that the equation proposed by A Kirrman was a suitable working equation for the hydrolysis of esters in neutral medium.